No! No delay!

So, I've been busy working on episode 3 of the Random Waves podcast ("Make America Scream Again").  It's based off audio I recorded last Saturday morning, and I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow night.

For those playing along at home, that would be five days from recording to release.  FIVE DAYS!  My last episode, "Fresh Meat," took about six weeks to finish.  I'm so very proud that I can turn it around this time so quickly!

(Now, full disclosure here:  I originally targeted last Sunday night for the release, but hey, I'm not going to complain too much here!)

Now, as had happened with previous episodes, I learned something new while producing the episode.  Something that makes me want to scrap everything and start over.  For me, moment came tonight.  I had dinner with Wanita, a work colleague, and Evelyn, a fellow officer in my Toastmasters club.  It was a working dinner where we discussed innovation with respect to my club, but I ended up thinking about my other projects, including Random Waves, and what I could change there.

What is the change for this podcast?  It's not reading off some boring narration in some boring way.  I love to listen to emotional people tell emotional things emotionally (I'm quite tired as I type this, OBVIOUSLY).  It's Jean Shepherd and Speed Levitch.  It's finding eroticism in building materials.  It's freaking out over turkey leftovers unmade.  And my podcasts so far have been none of it.

I want to go back and rewrite and re-record my narration for the upcoming podcast episode.  I want to make it erotic in a certain way of speaking.  I want to make something odd, because I'm sure I am odd.  

But to do that, I'd have to destroy and delay.

No.  No delays.  Get this out and start writing the next one better.  Refer to my Ira Glass Rule.

See you tomorrow with a new episode, God willing.

(Photo credit:  Mathias Liebing/flickr)