Five Days !!!!!


In last night's blog post, I was hoping that I'd finish the latest episode of Random Waves tonight.  I did, a mere FIVE days after first recording, and about a week after getting the podcast idea.  This is a record for me, and it makes me very, very happy!

I'm also happy because this episode marked the first time I've ever tried man-on-the-street interviews.  Well, I did sort of do that for episode 02, but these were completely random, hey can I interview you kind of stuff.  Quite awesome.  I'm going to be less afraid to ask for interviews on the street in the future!

On a side note... this is also my first story on a newsworthy event.  There were I think four or five other journalists present, for a crowd of 12-15 participants.  I felt very vulture-like during this, circling the crowd with the other media folks, getting the same material for the same event.  At one point, a certain WNPR producer stepped in to interview my interview subject -- I let her go as I was suffering user error on my field recorder at the time, but geez Louise...  I later asked Hartford photographer/institution Andy Hart about stepping on other media people's toes, and he stressed politeness always, as you never know when they'll help you back.  Later that evening, J Holt acknowledged that such gatherings can get real awkward.

But in any event, I feel like I entered a new world here.  Did you notice how I said "other journalists" in that last paragraph?  I recorded news, so yeah, I'm claiming membership!  :)