Let's Be Friends!

I attended a wedding of two friends last weekend.  Now at a wedding, you're going to have different groups of people.  Usually, the crowd runs along the lines of people you're close to, people you kinda know, and strangers.  For me, though, it was like there were two groups of people -- people I've played pick-up volleyball with, and people I've basically met through my acquaintance with this one dude Robert.  It was a bit weird.  Both groups of folks were separated the entire time, with mostly just the groom connecting them.  I straddled both worlds.

At one point, volleyball-friend Tiff remarked that I've got lots of different friends from different places, and it's making me think of all the groups of friends I've had over the years... friends from golf, friends from meetup, friends from work, friends from work at a different organization, friends from work from yet a different organization, friends from volleyball, friends from storytelling, friends from art classes, friends from Western Mass, friends from Toastmasters, friends from comedy improv, friends from Hartford...  and then all those contacts and connections sprung forth from those networks.  I never really gave it much thought until not terribly long ago.

It's 11 PM on a Friday night, and I'm typing this post from home, so I wouldn't say I've got best buddies or anything.  But I do have a network of contacts and acquaintances that astonish me to think of.  Do you need an old book translated from German?  I'll hook you up.  Want advice on making a printmaking press?  It might take a bit, but I've got your back.  Are you in need of rescue from a Southern California mountain?  Stay alive, my friend John will find you.

When it comes to podcast episodes, my network can be AMAZING.  Today is the perfect example.  I'm currently working on an episode involving a certain Hartford event from 1999.  There's a guy central to the story, that I'd love to find an interview, but that may never happen.  All I have is a few translated quotes and fuzzy photos gotten from microfiches of the Hartford Courant, which makes this shadowy figure all the more shadowy.  Enter my contact from the local media who completely hooked me up with a copy of a TV news story from back in the day.  Now I have video to go with the research!   Huzzah!

Who knew I had this much power?  Friends and acquaintances, man.  Friends and acquaintances.

(Sorry for the vagueness about the forthcoming episode, but I don't want to spoil anything for you, dear reader!)