A few days ago, I blogged about the importance of networking when creating a podcast.  Friends and acquaintances are important!  Well, today proved that fact.

I'm a member of the Dwelling in Downtown Hartford Facebook page.  Now, I may not be a resident of Downtown Hartford, but I spend enough time downtown and around other parts of Hartford that I joined.  Seriously, this Facebook group is THE group to join within the city.  The mayor's office, the chief of police, the local Congressman, and all the movers and shakers in New England's Rising Star are on there.  I swear -- this page is where the Yard Goats got their name... but that's the subject of another blog post...

Now, when I started working on the Random Waves podcast, the one story I wanted to do was on the Colt Park Shrine.  I came across this place back in like 2001 or so when making a wrong turn somewhere, and it's been in the back of my mind ever since.  There's some info online if you dig, but there's precious little story out there, save for one Hartford Courant article.  I love the idea of documenting the stories behind a fragile place that could be gone at any time.  I call it the folk history of Hartford.  And so, I'm working on it now for a podcast episode hopefully in the near future.

The central figure of this story is Ramon Gordils, the man who saw a vision of the Virgin Mary on Warame Avenue in the summer of 1999.  With whatever story I do, it'd be awesome to have an interview with this man.  But where do I find him?  It's been 15 years since anybody did a story on the shrine.  Google searches turned up very little on this guy who would be in his sixties now.  Is he even alive?  In Hartford?

With nowhere else to turn, I went to Dwelling in Downtown Hartford.   I asked if anybody knew Gordils and could help me get an interview, expecting nothing but a few unhelpful suggestions.  I did get one or two unhelpful suggestions, but I also got two messages from acquaintances.  Two!!!  One person did a quick search and found more than I ever could find myself -- his Facebook profile.

Facebook.  Profile.

Why didn't I think of searching Facebook???????    Geez Louise, I use Facebook multiple times a day!!!!!   (Yeah, yeah, I know I know...)

Heh, it just shows that sometimes we make things too hard on ourselves, and a random stranger is needed to show us the way.

Friends and acquaintances!