Destroy and Create

There's a scene in The Fifth Element where Gary Oldman's character praises the coming apocalypse.  When chaos strikes, people work to put the pieces back together.  By destroying, you spur the process of creation.  Just like how a forrest fire in Yellowstone Park will spur tree seeds to explode from their pinecones.  Death creates life.

This is how I try to comfort myself after spending the last week destroying and recreating this website.  Pages deleted.  Templates changes and changed back.  I was temporarily a Dublin-based Swedish blogger by the name of Skye.  I may have irrevocably destroyed my iTunes feed in the process -- we'll see when Random Waves episode 03 comes out.  It's all been quite frustrating, but I think finally got something stable put together.  And I learned a little bit, so there's that.  A little creation out of the destruction.

If you're a regular subscriber or reader or listener who is here trying to figure out why some link was broken, I do apologize.  And I do thank you for taking the effort to come back!  Look how you're creating in the wake of my destruction :)

Lest we forget, Gary Oldman's character was a bad guy, and the scene linked above illustrates how well the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.  But I still think it's a good analogy.  Random Waves is not about separating good from bad.  All are welcome here.  We see the good intentions.

Go forth and destroy.  Go forth and create.