Imma Need an Intern

Lately, I'm not sleeping particularly regular.  Teaching new courses will do that to me.  Nerves and all.  And so it went that I woke up around four thirty this morning.  I tried going back to sleep, but it wasn't happening easy.  A shame for this to happen on a Saturday.

So, I got up and eventually went to work on the upcoming Random Waves episode.  I have somewhere around 65 minutes on interview to transcribe, and I started this morning.  I took many breaks for many purposes, and I ended up by late afternoon typing about the first five minutes.  That's right.  Five minutes.

I hate transcription.

But I know I have to do it.  Even if I have a story already in my head, the act of transcription brings back all the quotes that I've forgotten, and I start rewriting in my head as I type it all out.  It's useful as anything.  I just don't enjoy it as much as the other parts of production.

So, maybe I'll see you all mid-2017 when I get all 65 minutes typed.  :)