The Drudgery Report

For many people, it seems, the default activity to do when one is home sick is to watch Netflix in bed.  This evening after work, I did just that myself.  That is a shame, by the way, because I blew off playing "Wallyball" (volleyball played in a racquetball court) and attending one of the biggest holiday parties in Hartford's West End to do so.

Being sick sucks.

But it is about nine days before I told my friend I'd complete the upcoming episode of Random Waves, so it is time to get cracking.  By cracking, I of course mean finish writing the transcript of my latest interview.  So, I poured a finger of whiskey and got to this horrible task of interview transcription.  An hour or so later, I'm feeling it and got maybe five more minutes of interview written down.  Joy.

But it just goes to show you that podcasting is not all fun research and fun recording stuff.  It's a bit of drudgery, too, that begs for procrastination galore.  I've been thinking about how this podcast is zero-budget and all DIY.  After a few more episodes, I should be quite the expert tinkerer at this business.

I'm just happy that I've got a few interested listeners while I muddle my way towards internet greatness.