The 36 Chambers of Podcasting

In a previous blog I used to "maintain," I mentioned that I needed to perform what I called "Kung Foo."  This is a reference to Stephanie Foo, producer of Snap Judgement and This American Life fame, and her propensity to dig deep into a community to find stories to produce.  Foo will dig extensively, through contacts, long-form comedians, Craigslist, old newspaper articles, and so forth to find someone to reach out to.  Back in August, while search for a World War 2 era whorehouse in Phenix City, Alabama, I figured I should be doing this in Hartford.

(By the way, I was looking for that place in Phenix City for a story.  Let's set that record straight right now, ok?)

I've been kind of doing this low-key since then.  Mostly, it's been asking friends about interesting stories and characters.  And it's funny -- my friends understand the concept of an interesting story, but they to a man and woman don't seem to get the concept of an interesting character.  That one is harder to wrap one's head around if you're not a writer, I suppose.  Perhaps I need more writer friends.

In any event, I'm following up on two leads right now through friends, one of which will turn into an interview on Monday (yay!).  And tonight, I cold-emailed a poster on Craigslist.  This is my first cold-email off their, so please wish me luck on this!  Unfortunately, it's not a post about a particular event or person, only an organization, so it may very well be a dead end.  But I'm proud of myself that I've actually reached out.  

So, possibly maybe I'll have the next Random Waves episode out by Christmas.  This would be, as Martha Stewart would say, a good thing.