Book'em, Danno.

On last Wednesday's blog post, I mentioned I started listening the Offshore podcast.  In four days, I've managed to catch up with the existing seven or eight episodes.  And I have to say that I'm really impressed by it.

The podcast takes a page from Serial, where the entire season is dedicated to one criminal case.  However, unlike Serial, where the producers tried to determine guilt or innocence through their reporting, Offshore's first season looks to understand race relations in Hawaii through the lens of the death of a Hawaiian man.  That's a fundamental difference that sets these two podcasts apart -- the former is plagued by sources who do not want to be quoted on tape talking about a murder, leaving the producers to fill in hours with mindless "follow me" drivel; the latter gets plenty of interviewee cooperation through asking questions on context.

But what really brings me in is the tight production quality.  The writing is great.  Jessica Terrell's reporting and narration are professional.  The audio production is professional and tight -- none of the heavy-handed we're-novel-therefore-you-must-love-it-no-matter-how-annoying-now-give-me-a-genius-grant approach of Radiolab.  In short, this is the type of podcast I'd love Random Waves to be.

Wow.  I just slammed to amazingly popular podcasts that are better than I could ever dream my own would become.  I'm downright rude or something.