Beers and Stories

There's been a lot of activity here at Random Waves HQ over the past few days.  Two potential story leads ran dry, but a third lead popped up, and it's a good one.  A friend told me of his story last Friday night, and I interviewed him this evening after work.

The interviewing conditions were less than ideal, yet ideal at the same time.  There we were, sitting on the floor in this friend's reverb-y apartment.  My picnic blanket did nothing to dampen the room, nor to cushion my legs.  But there we were, sitting on the floor interviewing over a couple of beers.  And it is a really great story, too.

For other podcasters out there, have you ever had a moment where your interviewee says a few lines unprompted and you're like in your head saying, yeah, that's gold right there, that's how I'll end this story, with that quote, and you're all keeping composure as to keep him talking without interruption?  This was one of those interviews.  Awesome.

Unfortunately, I do have plenty of stuff going on over the next few weeks, so I may not finish this episode until Christmas.  But it'll be a Merry Christmas for all when Random Waves episode 5 comes out!