Pat Pattison Partakes in Podcast Planning

Episode five of Random Waves is in the works, and I want to enhance the production values a bit with this one.  I'm thinking about using a cold opening for this one, kind of what you see happen on This American Life and many other podcasts... narrator introduces a scene, a tension point or question is presented, and then the narrator introduces the show.  It's what the big boys (and girls) do, so I want to try that out for myself.  Now, I can't guarantee what I come up with will be a permanent fixture for Random Waves.  Just like my stories, the podcast is subject to randomness.  I eventually want to develop my own style, but for now, copying great techniques will be good enough.

I'm thinking that my current theme "music," the wireless tones and morse code, will not fit with my cold openings, for two reasons.  First, the theme works better as an opening in itself, or at least it was conceived that way.  I'll need something that can slip in following my identifying the podcast.  Second, I want to add a brief tagline with the podcast title, like -- "You're listening to Random Waves, the podcast that explores the random interactions we encounter every day."  Something like that.

After listening to the first seven episodes of Offshore, I wanted to try to create a theme like theirs.  It's an acoustic bass line with Hawaiian-esque percussion and maybe a guitar or uke over it.  It's subtle and perhaps reminiscent of the islands.  Of course, I wouldn't copy it, but I like the idea of a prominent acoustic bass line.  Something slow a deliberate.  Almost hardboiled detective story-ish.  I imagine an melodic bass line with a complex high hat pattern overlaid on it.  Simple and subtle.

But is is Random?  Does that vision reflect what this podcast is all about?  I'm a fan in what Pat Pattison calls prosody -- all the elements in a piece work together to communicate the same thing, whatever is meant by "thing."  The podcast story subject and the music and theme should all communicate the same thought.

So maybe I need to think more about what I want the podcast to be, then use those thoughts to drive the theme.

Let me meditate on that.