Time to Make the Doughnuts

I had a drink with Loki, the subject of the next episode of Random Waves about two weeks ago.  It was after a night of "wallyball" -- volleyball played on a racquetball court.  We went to one place, and it wasn't working out for Loki.  We met up at a second place, which was too crowded.  So, we ended up next door to that place, a relatively new ramen place.

The small place stunk of backed-up toilet when we walked in, but it was so small that suggesting that we leave immediately wasn't going to be discrete.  So, we sat down at the counter and I ordered a beer and NO FOOD.  That is, until I broke down and got an appetizer.  But hey, the smell was gone by that point.

I've got a Toastmasters friend who was a head chef and has convinced me never to eat out ever again.  Until I eat out again.

This evening had all the earmarks of a nasty night barfing into the toilet.  Thankfully, that did not happen.  Yet still, it was a great night.  Loki told me something about the podcast that really hit a chord.  He wants the podcast to go out so that it might help other people to know what he's been through.

Now, I have to admit that first and foremost I've been doing this podcast for me and me alone.  This is a hobby of mine, and I enjoy, well... at least certain parts of the process.  (Damn you, transcription.  Damn you to Hell.)  But to hear that what I do can help others, that's an eye-opener of sorts.  It makes me feel a bit ashamed that I've been doing this solely for me.

There's a trope in TV and movies of the artist (in whatever media or form) wants to give up, but some kindly person tells them that they have a gift and it would be an afront to God Himself to keep it from the world.  I'm no artist, and God is not listening to this podcast.  But I've got some 45 subscribers, and some of them must be listening for some reason.

Time to make the doughnuts.