Y'all Can Keep Your Tote Bags

I've started transcribing the interviews I recorded of last weekend's protests.  I figure I can make this the next episode of Random Waves fairly quickly (sorry, Loki, I'll get to you, I promise!!!).  And because I hate typing out interviews, I bought a copy of ExpressScribe Pro to make it a bit easier.

The purchase made me think about money with this podcast.  As you may know, I don't advertise on my episodes.  Nor do I have a Kickstarter page or anything of that sort for this.  I started Random Waves because I wanted to express myself through storytelling, and I love listening to the type of podcasts that I'm trying to emulate here.  It's not about money.

But every once in a blue moon, I wonder about it.  Could I turn this into a side business?  Make up for all that I've spent on this hobby.  Buying a field recorder, a shotgun mic, cables, software, etc.  Paying for a website domain.  Paying for parking at the airport.  Maybe even turn a profit?

When I do a Google search about podcasting, I seem to find two very different groups in this field.  There's the transom.org/Third Coast/public radio set, where it seems money comes from a combination of advertisements for Audible and outright begging for donations in the guise of getting support from "listeners like you."  These are the people for whom audio pieces are an art form and salaries are scanty (unless your podcast is called Serial, I suspect).  Then there's the podcasting-for-business types, for whom audio pieces are a tool to market their products.  I suspect their salaries are equally scanty, though they all tend to fake it until they make it.

I'm coming to this from the angle of audio as art form.  I would be awesome to produce pieces at a public radio station for a living, if only they would pay me as much as my day job does now.  I don't believe that's the case, sadly.

And so, I'll continue doing this as my unpaid hobby, which will benefit you all, as I've no plans to add advertising to Random Waves anytime soon.  It does also mean you'll get no sweet, sweet tote bags either.  But hopefully, eventually, you'll get some sweet, sweet audio art.