Paper Cranes

I've been procrastinating.

This shouldn't be a surprise for the long-time reader and follower of Random Waves.  My last episode was, like, around Thanksgiving, and that was a "thank you" mini-message at that!  It's not like I don't have a story, either -- I've got a partially-completed episode about my friend Loki on my laptop.  All it needs is to be narrated, edited and released!!!

I honestly can't say why I haven't finished the episode these past few months.  I'm holding back for some reason, but what that is, I'm not sure.  I feel that stress is the root of all procrastination, so I suppose that's it.  Stress from my teaching schedule, maybe.  Stress from my Toastmasters schedule, maybe.  Stress from trying to start storytelling on stage again, maybe.


This month, I started again to attempt to fold 1,000 origami cranes over the course of one year.  I started on March 5th, and I've got 73 folded cranes so far.  The first few dozen cranes were wacky -- mis-folded and misshapen.  But I kept at it, figuring that I'd eventually get better.  At around the 50th crane, I watched a new how-to video and learned a slightly different way of folding them, and that got me better results.  I'm sure by the 500th crane, I'll figure out a slightly better technique of folding, and so on.

My first episodes of Random Waves are my first cranes.  I need to get to my 50th episode to fold a better podcast.  Or something.

I started working on the latest episode again, albeit a little bit here and there.  More to come.