WNPR's Chion Wolf once had a feature article written about her in the Hartford Courant.  I'm not sure why -- as far as I could tell, there was no show, book, or other product necessarily being promoted -- but I do remember line from the story.  She worked hard on her voice skills.

With the first episodes of Random Waves, I see all the bad things.  All the things I need to work on.  So many things, it seems, that I never begin (see yesterday's blog post).

So with the spirit of a twelve step program, let's list and acknowledge the faults that I should work hard on.  Each of these I can certainly work on like my almost-nightly crane folding sessions (again, see yesterday's blog post).

  1. Speaking well during narration.  I have lots of reference material to learn from -- all the podcasts I listen to now!
  2. Creating my own incidental music. only goes so far, and I happen to have a ton of musical instruments within six feet of where I'm sitting as I type this, so...
  3. Finding the stories.  I thought I was supposed to get all Stephanie Foo on this already!
  4. Asking interview questions with the story in mind.  This goes back to episode 5 of the Out on the Wire podcast, where Robert Smith and Zoe Chase discuss how being on-point with prepping to do a story, and always moving with the story in mind, gets you the tape you need.  This is about me prepping more.
  5. Mixing the episodes better.  I know some concepts of mixing, but there's so much I don't know.  You could combine this with #2 above.
  6. ACTUALLY GETTING DOWN TO EDITING WORK!  Chris, stop blogging and finish the next episode already!!!!!