I Wanna Be Nate DeMeo

Tonight marked the return of Syllable: A Reading Series, where local authors read a sampling of their work.  The crowd there numbered about twenty-five, some of which I know are writers, and the rest I suspect are.

I do not consider myself a writer like these folks.  True, Elysha Dicks described me as "and now he's becoming a writer" one night at a Speak Up show.  But the writing I do is only for this blog an my podcast.  And it's beginner's writing at best.  Suffice it to say, I'm not in their league.

But as I was listening to -- or, rather, trying to listen over the din of the restaurant behind us -- Ciaran Berry recite some of his poetry, I recalled some of my favorite parts of Nate DeMeo's The Memory Palace.  I know precious little about Nate DeMeo, mostly because I'm too lazy to Google him, but I imagine that he's a poet when he's not producing podcasts.  Or at least he reads poetry a lot, and attends reading like tonight's.  The Memory Palace is full of imagery that is evocative.  It's beautiful.

It does fly into the face of some of Rob Rosenthal's advice on writing for the radio -- in particular, you're not supposed to describe too many things.  The audience can only hold so many descriptions of things in their heads at one time.  And The Memory Palace is chock full of things, and glorious things at that.  In a podcast where rich, beautiful audio clips are impossible to get (it's a podcast about moments in history), Nate DeMeo's rich language paints the audio clip for us.  

So where does that leave Random Waves?  Well, recently, I scrapped my latest draft for the upcoming episode "Snickers and Sprite" for being nothing like I would want.  Nothing like the great podcasts I listen to.  I'm currently reworking the structure to incorporate some interesting sounds I want to put together to let the listener sense what waking up with multiple sclerosis would be like.  That would be a move to make this podcast more European in flavor, I think.  The language... well, we'll see what I can do.  I think in the meantime, I'll start listening again to my favorite episodes of The Memory Palace, just to see what I can pick up in terms of style.

I also want to eventually submit my podcast writing to Syllable.  I'd like to get to a point where I'm podcasting little, beautiful essays supported by rich, beautiful audio.  This would get me excited.