No Other Way Around It

There was a nationwide screening this evening of the film 1984, and I watched it on the big screen for the first time ever.  Beforehand, there was a preview for Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent, a film about a legend in American culinary history.  Both movies affected me.

When I first watched 1984 as a much younger Chris Hall, I became depressed about how Smith's spirit was broken.  This time around, I wondered if I should be doing something.  Not the "resist" something that's en vogue right now in wake of the election.  I mean like for things that are not first world problems.  I once asked a coworker if he felt his activism was all for nothing, if the pendulum keeps swinging back and forth.  He replied that the pendulum starts to turn the other way due to activism like his.

There was two or three seconds of the preview for Jeremiah Tower that affected me just as much.  Tower said that if he's got his mind onto something, no one better stand in his way.  I've been fascinated for a while now about successful people.  By that, I mean people that are so good at what they do that other people take notice.  I believe you get there through persistent, hard labor.  I've never had the discipline to do that.  How long has it been taking to get the next episode of Random Waves out?

If I want to create something beautiful, if I want to create something with impact, if I want to be taken notice of, I've got to work.