Episode 07 : Wait a Week

This episode of Random Waves takes a peek into the world of Timmy Findlen, a carpenter and musician in East Nashville, Tennessee, who likes to do things the hard way.  I produced this story during my time with the Transom Traveling Workshop.

The photo of this week's episode is of Timmy's cat, Panda.  Interesting side note -- I was originally going to produce a story on Panda.  Unfortunately, cats don't talk, so I had to stick with Timmy.

As described in my intro, the Transom Traveling Workshop is a week-long class in NPR-style radio making.  You can find out how to join a workshop, or find tons of free info on how to produce radio at transom.org.

You can buy Roochie Toochie and the Ragtime Shepherd Kings music or check out their show schedule at their website.  I recommend checking out their videos.

This episode includes the song "Thoughtless" by Blue Dot Sessions.  As this podcast is completely zero-income, the music is being used in conjunction with the Creative Commons License.  

Episode 06 : A Different Medium

In this episode of Random Waves, we follow Karla, a local blogger and writer, as she steps out on stage for the first time to perform comedy... in a roast battle.

A comedy roast battle is a competition of wits.  Two stand up comedians face each other and trade insults.  The best comic advances to the next round.  This is not a competition for the faint of heart -- the insults get nasty, and it's no holds barred.

So how is Karla, who has never performed comedy on stage before, going to do in the competition?  Have a listen and find out.

You can find the SoundCloud link here.

This episode features the song "Are We Loose Yet" from Blue Dot Sessions.

This episode also features three homegrown comedians here in Connecticut.  When Karla doesn't work as a chef, she writes, blogs, and podcasts at KarlyKingsley.com.  Brian Barganier tours regularly with his stand up.  You can find his comedy on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.  He's also one of the minds behind the utterly oddball TV show Public Access and Chill.  Cliff Mula also performs stand up, and you can find him on Facebook and Instagram.

Episode 05 : Season 2 Preview

It's been a long time, but it's good to be back for season two of Random Waves!

Now, the five episodes I'm working on for this season are still, well, being worked.  However, to get you all excited for the upcoming shows, I have a little preview set up.  Enjoy!

This episode uses the song "Frothy Tinkling" by freesoung.org user setuniman.  It was used under the Creative Commons "Noncommercial Attribution" license.

Episode 04 : Thank You!

On this Thanksgiving, I thank you for listening to Random Waves.  I also propose to Chana Joffee-Walt's vocal fry.

Episode 03 : Make America Scream Again

On the Saturday after the 2016 U.S. presidential election, a group of about 15 people gathered in downtown Hartford to participate in a primal scream.  Random Waves is there to record the event and get the mood of the crowd.

Episode 02 : Fresh Meat

Every year, the Hartford Area Roller Derby invites hopeful derby girls to their Fresh Meat night.  Many of the women have never skated before.  What goes through their minds when they realize just how rough the sport can be?

Episode 01 : Kristen

As a teenager, Kristen felt isolated and alone.  Resorting to partying to fill in the void, she went down a dangerous path.  An unexpected event made her feel connected again and turned her life around.

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