Episode 07 : Wait a Week

This episode of Random Waves takes a peek into the world of Timmy Findlen, a carpenter and musician in East Nashville, Tennessee, who likes to do things the hard way.  I produced this story during my time with the Transom Traveling Workshop.

The photo of this week's episode is of Timmy's cat, Panda.  Interesting side note -- I was originally going to produce a story on Panda.  Unfortunately, cats don't talk, so I had to stick with Timmy.

As described in my intro, the Transom Traveling Workshop is a week-long class in NPR-style radio making.  You can find out how to join a workshop, or find tons of free info on how to produce radio at transom.org.

You can buy Roochie Toochie and the Ragtime Shepherd Kings music or check out their show schedule at their website.  I recommend checking out their videos.

This episode includes the song "Thoughtless" by Blue Dot Sessions.  As this podcast is completely zero-income, the music is being used in conjunction with the Creative Commons License.